November 21, 2019
spot vs dot

Dots and Spots. Which one should be controlling your home?

I’m really not talking about the dog Dot or Spot, although a cute ball of fluff does tend to become boss. Neither am I referring to a leopard wearing a polka dot dress. It would be funny, dangerous and rather useless. I’m talking about the Echo Dot vs. Echo Spot. Very apt names as both of these smart devices are teeny tiny little devices that are able to do big things in your home.

They both use Alexa, and both of them will make your life easier, the biggest difference lies in their appearance. The Echo Dot is the older model. It is also the less expensive of the two. Why? Because, unlike the Echo Spot, it doesn’t have a screen. Screens are pretty important in today’s life. The lack of a screen doesn’t render Echo Dot useless by any means, it only limits its functionality. With the spot, for example, you can connect to a camera and see who is at the door, or check in on the baby or make a video call. Things you can’t do with the Dot. You can, however, hide the dot better, it that’s your thing.

Both of these devices are an excellent addition to any smart home. Alexa helps gather a range of information for you like weather, news, your calendar and any random facts that you might need. Both devices use Bing! as a search engine, so if it’s Google or nothing, this might irritate you a bit. You can also control a huge range of appliances and gadgets within your home and sinc to a long list of speaker brands. This means you can still stock your home with your favorite toys and both the Dot and Spot should be able to connect.

The Dot is really small. It only weighs 163 grams. You have to really resist saying “aww cute” Dot connects to its surroundings via Wifi, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm audio jack for music streaming. There are controls on the top of the device for if heaven forbid, you lose your voice. If you’re not keen on hiding the Echo Dot, it does come in seven colors to fit in with your décor style.

The Spot is slightly larger. With the screen and larger build, it weighs in at 413 grams. It has the same connections as Dot but only comes in one color. The screen has a huge variety of settings that will help it shine as a focal point, a smart focal point.

The good thing about spots or dots – they’ve been in fashion since caveman days. Now, with these two devices, Amazon has given fashion an education.